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Sick Of the Radio

Green is an interesting color to focus on. It evokes notions of nature, purity, environmentalism, while also holding negative connotations suggesting jealousy, sickness and vice. Avant-garde artist Jules Muck, a world traveler by the looks of her biographical sketch, focuses in on the colour green for what she calls Green Paintings. Read More 

Daily Beast

Lindsay Lohan’s Graffiti Scandal in Venice, CA Jules Muck tried to welcome Lindsay Lohan to Venice, but her mural of the actress was vandalized with a swastika. The rising art star defends her new neighbor to Nicole LaPorte.


  Muck Loves Bowie | RollingStone L.A. street artist Jules Muck – who only recently completed a piece in tribute to Lemmy Kilmister, who died two weeks ago – spray-paints a new tribute to David Bowie. See Fans’ David Bowie Tributes Around the World   Read more:

HUFF POST | Jules Muck Brings Street Art to Santa Monica’s Hotel Casa del Mar

  by Karin E. Baker Rather than let the hotel’s clientele gaze upon bare plywood during the weeks before the new bar’s unveiling, the decision was made to recruit a street artist to bring diversion to the room, along with a contextually unexpected kind of aesthetic stimulation. The artwork, a group of large panels measuring 7…

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Yo Venice:

JULES MUCK ON LOHAN DEFACEMENT FEBRUARY 3, 2011 When asked for comment on the defacing of the “Welcome to Venice” Lohan piece, artist Jules Muck sent back a picture of the piece, now returned to it’s original state, with the subject title “This is my comment…”

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