I was flown into Charleston to paint for the tv show Mr. Mercedes based on a book by Stephen King. My homie Hannah Bender aka fender bender had established some pull on the show having secured a position as costume designer with an entire staff under her. Seeing as Bender was my ol running buddy and we had been through some gnarly shit together it was only natural that she should push for my inclusion in a this major budget production. My skill set was in high demand these days and they absolutely needed a top quality mural maker plus we would get to kick it and that was priority number one. So Mr. Mercedes footed the bill and Charleston got mucked. On set things went from start to finish smoothly and affectively.

The first layers of the Mr. Mercedes mural.

Meanwhile I ran around town pulled in a few different directions as usual. The first piece I did in Charleston was a dedication to Diva Vic a great old friend and graffiti artist who just lost the battle to cancer.

While I was painting on meeting street 2 awesome art lovers that saw where I was from my posts came and hung out with me. Nick from the night market brought me a car door and a stop sign to paint.